The tale of the dance of the Sun and the Moon

4 août 2011

Same Mistake by James Blunt
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Once upon a time there was a Sun and a Moon, and there was the Sky amidst which they danced..

Today, still, the two turn again and again around our heads and we look from East to West, we keep our heads raised towards the heights for a glimpse of their game.

Since yesteryears they’ve been searching for each other, the Sun erupting and raging, the Sun alive in its burning call for its sister and lover. And in silence, the Moon keeps one face towards the light and the heat, and another hidden in the glacial darkness, crying frozen tears, for there’s the dead Moon and the living Sun and the Earth in between.

Forever they chase the other, they wink and they bow and always they dance, always so close and yet never enough to be able to touch and smell and bathe in each other.

The Moon teases with a thousand different images : she’s like a woman with a limitless wardrobe, she’s whole, she’s half, she’s none… sometimes she’s huge and white, and other times red and sinking in the horizon at the far end of the Sea. At her feet, poets. Men singing sonnets or playing the flute, melancholic brides searching for answers, mothers holding their babes and witches smiling in recognition. The Moon breeds faeries and legends, she smiles mysteriously as the unseen thrives. With her rises the tide and she playfully receives and deflects the Sun’s light as she wishes.

That other planets play with her Sun, she doesn’t care. They are either too close and burned or too far and colder than she’ll ever be. But she’s afraid, sometimes, that her companion and best friend will stop his game, what if he refrained his rays, what if the Earth stopped spinning, what if the universe froze and there was the Sun on one side and her on the other, what if Big Bang changed his scenario, what then?

The Sun knows the scenario won’t change. His anger touches even the farthest of stars hidden in the beginnings of things. Once upon a time she and him were one, in the fraction of second just before the Big Bang. It was nothing and it was enough, and he doesn’t know why they aren’t one anymore, why out of them wasn’t a unique celestial being created, why they must run always.

Forever, he will reach out to the Moon. As the Earth turns and the Moon along with her, as the seasons change, he will keep on burning his heart towards his lost soul. Their dance used to be like a breathless waltz once, when the Earth took only 6 hours to spin around herself. Nowadays they have slowed down, like an old couple they don’t need to sing as much anymore.

Sometimes, the Moon crosses path with the Sun. A shiver descends on the Earth as the lovers drink each other’s light and darkness. For a few precious minutes, they are one inseparable radiant shadow as the Sea and the Earth and the Sky look on with envy, until they must separate, reluctantly and slowly, they let go of their embrace, they keep the dance going until the next time, the next wink, apprehending the next moonless day and the next solitary night.

They will meet again, their dance will go on forever, reminding us of the luck we have, what precious happiness it is, to be able to touch and to hold, to feel one’s warmth, to dance and to bathe in the other’s existence.


I wanted to merge the three images into one… if you have an iapp that can do that  please do let me know… :)

(jewel by Muriel Mansuy)


2 commentaires

  1. I really like this piece. It’s alive,the usual nostalgia of your work seems interpolated with a sense of life. There’s a sort of cosmic consciousness which reaches beyond the more personal landscape. You’re a storyteller, a « shanachai ».

  2. Thank you Noreen, coming from you it is a huge compliment, that I take with a lot of humility. (I have so much to learn, the path of progress lies far ahead in front of me)Le 4 août 2011 à 22:57, Posterous <

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