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I have walked the shores

23 juillet 2016

I have walked the shore and the fields, my feet bathing cold salty water, the wind flying through my fingers and my hands, flowers playing against the odds and the sheep.

I have felt the rain landing on my face, its cold drops reminding me that I were alive. I have turned my face towards the sun, welcoming its warmth and it’s light, letting it seep through my pores and into my soul.
I have sat in silence with an old friend, comfortable with the said and the unsaid.
I have joined my kindreds, a sisterhood of blood and heart, of past, present and future.

Together, we laughed, we talked, we cried, we let the unsaid be heard and shouted I love you.
I have realized how precious these moments are, how privileged I am to be loved by such fine souls.
I will walk the earth again, I will fly over the sea and travel the world. I will marvel and rejoice, I will despair and hurt, but most of all, I will be happier and stronger. There is hope, descending in the peaceful afterwards


I mean you no harm

19 juillet 2016

I mean you no harm

As I walk the path

As I find my way


I mean you no harm

As I look back

And see others

Breathe where I exhaled


I mean you no harm

As I try, as I stumble,

As I preserve my light.