Valentine Sisters ((tag :thankyou))

14 février 2011

Yes love is about the 365 days of the year. 

Everyday, every second. 

Today is for you : today is for my tribe of good girlfriends out there who listen when I need a sympathetic ear, who shed their tears on my shoulder when they need comfort, who share drinks and sillyness and laughter.

I love you because of everything you are, because of the joy you are in my life.

I love every moment, every second, with you or apart, things are more tasty, music more vibrant, life is more beautiful because you are… There… Somewhere…

You are happy, sad, in good health, sick, hopeful or hopeless, but always you shine.

You are in France, you are in the Netherland, you are in the USA, in Greece, Italy, you are all over the world, time is not always our ally, some phone calls in bed are with you going to sleep and I waking up. You are next to me, on twitter, facebook, on the phone, via regular or digital mail, we toast in pubs or via chats… 

Hey you sisters, I love you.


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